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Purchase a bulletin board, dry erase board, or cork board to hang on the door. This is a simple way to keep your office space tidy and organized.

how to convert a closet into an office

After all, an average desk has a depth of 20 – 30 inches. Take note that front and center, it really is all about the space and its measurements, and without that, you don’t have much to go on further with. Take out that measuring tape or whatever measuring instrument you have and start measuring.

Build the Wall Shelf Cabinets

The two shelves are 14 in deep and the width of the closet. To attach the shelves to the wall, we used THESE brackets and spray painted them in Rust-Oleum Pure GoldSpray Paint. Since many closets are not equipped with electrical outlets or optimal lighting, Austin began by identifying the closest outlet . Schnell decided she wanted to keep the original closet shelf in case the family ever sold their home and could easily convert it back to a closet.

  • It also allows you to maximize the space in your closet.
  • If you’re anything like Katelyn Richardson or Kookie Jackson, all you need is an extra coat closet to make it a reality.
  • If you’re just going to have it sit on the floor or in some other cable management mechanism, feel free to take care of it now.
  • Monitor mounts are incredibly affordable, and free up precious space, allowing you to spread out your notebooks and paperwork.

We’re not showing how to wire your closet office here, but chances are you’ll want to add at least one electrical outlet and possibly cable, phone or network wiring. Keep in mind that the new National Electrical Code requires that closet outlets be arc fault protected. This means you’ll have to either connect to or add a circuit that’s protected by an arc fault circuit interrupter . Learn how to turn a spare closet into a super-organized home office. This project keep schoolwork and office supplies contained. You want to spread the lighting around by adding puck lights, desk lamps, and mounted sconces to dark corners.

Light and Bright

Rather than risk squeezing a standard size desk into a small space, she opted to purchase a floating piece that could easily be installed. Still wondering how to turn a small closet into an office? A reach-in closet can be a great workspace as well. You can create a work surface and the appropriate kinds of storage in a space that is perfectly containerized.

  • You always want to choose a desk for your closet office based on the tasks you need to do.
  • I see you posted the grayish color paint, but what color and type paint did you use for the white portion?
  • As there’s more place for light to pass through, the cloffice also appears brighter with that approach.
  • But you’ll use way less wood than if you were doing a full build.
  • An attractive letter tray may be more functional.

And they are willing to share their tips so you can add a closed office in your home. When converting a closet into an office, a little light makes a world of difference! Brighten things up by adding a charming chandelier, and don’t forget some practical desk lighting. On the hunt for budget-friendly lighting solutions? Check out a local Habitat ReStore for one-of-a-kind finds.

Cloffice Ideas. How to Turn a Closet into an Office

If this has inspired you, read on to learn how these creative moms built and organized chic study spaces for distance learning. Austin said the space around her son’s new closet desk is so organized, she thinks it improved her son’s productivity with his school work. Her husband, who works from home, also uses the space even though they have another office in the home.

A lot of other homeowners have also come across this common struggle. We can help you make and turn a closet into the office of your dreams a reality. Contact us today and we can get you started creating a more efficient workflow and better use of your home’s space. In a standard home office (or even an in-office cubicle), there’s plenty of space for your stuff. There’s usually a large desk area that has room for your monitor , your computer, pencil holders, phone, pictures, and coffee cup.

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It also allows you to maximize the space in your closet. Then fill up your office’s front wall with shelves. You’ll be glad you did further on because it can take care of all of your office supplies storage issues. Although storage is great, as with other things, having too much of it might not always be a good thing. With this in mind, it would make sense to consolidate your actual clothes in a dedicated closet space and transform your walk-in closet into an office instead. There are other things you can do such as adding a wall accent.

how to convert a closet into an office

Plus you hide all office clutter when you close the closet doors. Do you have an extra closet organization system lying around the house? If so, you can use it to keep your cloffice tidy… just like Jennifer Gizzi of Making Pretty convert closet to office Spaces did! This cloffice is outfitted with shelving from The Container Store’s Elfa collection, which you can mix and match to suit your space. There’s even a little printer shelf tucked underneath the desktop for easy access.

Living Room Office Ideas

“To bring in the character of my space, I chose gold as an accessory accent color and gray because that’s the color scheme in my home,” she explains. Cloffice storage ideas are incomplete without considering the sides of the closet. Add some shelves or cabinets to those areas to create further room inside a small workspace. This doesn’t only mean spacious walk-in closets. You can test the waters with a simple setup like this!

What can you convert a closet into?

  • Tiny Office.
  • Compact Bar.
  • Vanity Station.
  • Small Nursery.
  • Laundry Room.
  • Reading Nook.
  • Sewing Space Or Mini Craft Room.
  • Entryway Nook.

Get the approximate measurements of your must-have tools and supplies and double check to make sure they’ll fit in the space. Cut out paper templates or mark their outer edges in pencil so you have a solid idea of how everything will and won’t https://remotemode.net/ fit. Then use a framing square to square the drawer box before nailing the other three edges.To attach the drawer slide to the drawers, we first drew lines 1-7/8 in. Make sure your drawers fit perfectly by building the drawer frame first.

Pick a narrow desk with slim drawers directly beneath the top for space-saving, easy-to-access storage. Why not try a tulip table in lieu of a traditional desk? Blogger Aly McDaniel did just that, making her workspace the literal center of her expansive walk-in closet. The setup means she can admire her fashionable wardrobe from every possible angle.

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  • Think of your office closet space in the same way that you’d think of how an office supplies store gets organized.
  • He also hung a pegboard in his workspace, which offers a versatile solution for storing all sorts of work essentials.

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